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Certified Auction Agent Course

Luxury Agents

Stand out from the crowd as a Certified Auction Agent with this opportunity to differentiate yourself from others, retain and win more listings, close more sales, and increase your commission.

Jennie Heal Headshot


Instructed live by expert

Jennie Heal, Owner of Supreme Auctions, the premier luxury auction house of the real estate industry.

Supreme Auctions?

Who is

Supreme Auctions is the Architects of The Industry™, they were the first to design a program to work in a partnership with luxury real estate professionals. The benefits to a luxury listing agent in partnering with SA has its rewards in achieving a timely sale and the highest market price attainable for their clients' homes, retaining control of the property listing and receiving full commission upon sale.

What others have to say

"I am so glad I took this course as a month later I was able to utilize it with my clients and they couldn't have been happier. My experience was first class - I learnt so much from the process and will definitely use again"

Natalie Swanson - Coldwell Banker Apex

"This information and process is very useful and an interesting tool in the high-end market. You can’t have too many ways to be of service when it comes to luxury real estate."
Adam Davis - Re/Max Select

About the class

September 19, 2023

10am - 12pm*

*An auction will be held after training and all proceeds from which will be donated to charity!

Compass Event Center

7225 Henneman Way

Allen, TX 75013


$149 for luxury agents

Limited to 35 seats

Course Registration

*In order to complete your registration, payment must be received during sign up. Payment will not be accepted on the day of the course. Anyone who has not paid is not guaranteed a registered seat.

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